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On November 2, 2021, to celebrate the third anniversary of the release of her second studio album El mal querer (2018), Rosalía revealed that her upcoming third studio album Motomami would be released in 2022.[2][3] In early October, during an event in Mexico, Rosalía revealed that the lead single from Motomami would be released in November.[4] Later in the month, she posted a snippet of an unreleased song on her TikTok account.[5] The video clip for the song, directed by Director X, was released on November 11, 2021.

The music video for "The Fame", directed by Director X, was released on November 11, 2021 in conjunction with the single's release.[14][1] The video featured a cameo by actor Danny Trejo[11] and is heavily inspired by the 1996 cult horror film From Dusk till Dawn. The typography featured in the video was inspired by the 1996 horror film Scream.[15][16][16][17][18][18][19][19][19][20][2021

Ringtone called bizcochito

The artist shared that this extended edition of her album is scheduled for release on September 9 and will contain the three songs that she has been playing live since she started the tour (July 6 in Almeria) but that were not part of the album.

Before Motomami was released in March, a list of songs that would be part of the album was leaked. Rosalía admitted that the songs on that list that did not appear on the album were discards or parts that were attached to other songs.


Since then, he focused on collaborations with other artists, making more than a dozen hits in which stand out hits like 'Antes de morirme' with C. Tangana, 'TKN' with Travis Scott, 'Con Altura' with El Guincho and J Balvin, or 'Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi' with Ozuna.

MOTOMAMI is a set of binomials that configure, in dissonant pairs, a masterpiece based on progressions, synthesizers and saturated organs. It is an avant-garde album that gathers Rosalía's roots and technical capabilities, and when you finish listening to it, it leaves more questions than answers.

One hundred percent, so I feel very grateful for everything these projects have given me, but I try to put it aside when I'm so engrossed in what's next. I think they allowed me to understand better how to make a record, for example, Los ángeles allowed me to understand how to use my voice in a certain way, how to record vocals, I learned a lot from Refree making that record. Then with Pablo I learned a lot about composing and, although El mar querer has a part of traditional flamenco, there is also a lot of composition; I think I have learned a lot writing with him. Now, in this album everything is composed from scratch. It is not explicitly traditional, far from it. There is also a sense of humor, there is irony, it's different, it's like I wanted to use other codes, I wanted to find another way to make a record this time.

Ringtone rosalia

But 2022 didn't just belong to artists who were already big. Some debut and emerging artists found their voices in unexpected and exciting ways, scoring big hits and connecting with new audiences. Some veteran artists continued to hone their craft, staging satisfying and well-received comebacks that made us wish they hadn't left us so long ago. And some of our standout hitmakers continued to evolve and challenge audiences with unexpected shifts in their sound and vision, resulting in less commercially explosive but artistically more rewarding returns.

Avant-pop artist FKA twigs expands her kaleidoscopic sound on her first mixtape, Caprisongs. The click of a cassette player and twigs' whispers on "ride the dragon" kick off the project before sliding into the soulful trap-pop "tears in the club" with The Weeknd, LaCroix's crunchy hyper-pop "pamplemousse," and effervescent Afrobeats with Rema on "jealousy." Released a month after twigs filed a lawsuit accusing her ex Shia LaBeouf of abuse, Caprisongs is the soundtrack to the English singer-songwriter's "journey back to herself" as she learns to create her own destiny, regardless of how astrology explains it. - HERAN MAMO

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